Impact of the elitist character of art in the history of man.

Impact of the elitist character of art in the history of man.


The art was of elitist nature for a long time and to these private collections had no access the public in general, only the wealthy classes could enjoy the beauty of these works and the knowledge about the history of the man that they provide. Patrons of art who were mostly wealthy people, nobles, kings and princes, as well as church personnel led to the creation of works of art with propagandist end to showcase their power, religion, political or financial reasons. Also to decorate their mansions and cathedrals. They financed those works, but kept the abscess to the art itself limited for the masses in general, in many cases completely unattainable, to save these works in private collections, palaces, mansions, churches and cathedrals.

Many of these collections are filled with heritage of mankind and they are in the careful hands of museums and galleries today. This historical artistic treasures are exposed to the general public to be admired and valued by all. But unfortunately not always was like that and even today there is still a lot of work to do in this regard. Therefore we can say that the elitist privatization for centuries worsened the odds of a good education and the ability to the majority of man to analyze, compare and learn from the talent and art of his fellows; been delayed opportunities in the communication of experiences, techniques, tools, and general knowledge of the history, art and sciences among our ancestors and even in modern times.
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Art have been released today; as mentioned before, in many cases to museums, private galleries who offer instructive visits and made available to all, enjoy the view of  those valuable artifacts in those respectable institution, that don’t even have the financial help they should receive, but even with a fight to gain in this matter Art is not longer contained only for the wealthy classes. Have been removed for the most part the barriers that were preventing the spread of knowledge, but there is a lot of work still to do because not everywhere this is already a reality.

This art knowledge and accessibility do not suited the ruling class along history; because knowledge is power. The human beings have been exploited and manipulated politically and religiously as well as deprived of essential knowledge, (which art could perfectly facilitate for its visual qualities); improving the understanding of messages. All this has generated that ignorance, lack of understanding and tolerance among human beings of the world widespread for centuries. Many cultures and civilizations that do not posees a writing form of passing the information and history only have the artifacts and buildings remaining to speak for them. As for example the civilization from Africa.

It is very important our understanding about the capacity for creation and appreciation of the artistic talent of others. Contrary to what the elites in power have enforced as laws through blood, wars and the misery and hopelessness of the popular masses, to create inequality and separatism, or through the imposition of obscurantist religions, that propagandize their faith using the fund from charities  to pay artisans and artist. We are all equal no matter the color, religion, the gender or sexual preference. We would have know better by now is we all have access to appreciate art artifacts and their history. In a properly manner.





Therefor limitation of artistic knowledge or assessment of their importance have been an obstacle to the positive evolution of the conscience of man. Current and future generations need to recognize the value of studies  in history of art and the spread and stimulation of artistic creation between young people and adults alike. Age can not be a limiting factor to learn to express artistic qualities or even create them, or to study the art and its history.

What makes us human, is not only our powers of reason, is also our capacity for creation and understanding of this one, therefore if we auto deprive from learning this knowledge; or do not promote them as a society today; we will be perpetuating the lacking of abilities and understanding that could make us improve our capacity as creators and thinkers, able to constantly evolve and elevate our individual and social awareness.

A highest conscience is not obtainable only by cold calculated reason; is creativity who makes us stronger’ s beings. We all have the potential to express our creativity by visual means tangible or audible, we have to fight for our right to do it; and for every one to enjoy it; if we don’t, we will be perpetuating the selfish and egoist ELITIST concept for centuries impose to us.



Creativity activities at Madison Children;s Museum
Creativity activities at Madison Children’s Museum .


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